Taking Credit for Yourself

I said something stupid. Ok, I say stupid things all the time. Ask my wife. However this time, I thought how stupid it was to think like that. I was giving credit to my new story for writing itself. I then thought about how many times I have said or thought, “Wow, this just writes itself.” NO, it does not write itself, it is not sentient. You alone should get the credit for your work, even when you don’t realize your mind is working in the background on something.

I am not advocating for the “I did it all on my own.” people who refuse to acknowledge help and influence in getting them to their goals. Behind every self-made person is many who gave a hand or an idea. There are people who suffered so that the writer had the time to write.

Give yourself credit in your own mind when you write something, no matter how easy it feels at the time. You are the only one who could have written that exact story. That is being a writer. No one can take that from you ever.


Starting out




Have you ever had a day of the blinking cursor. A day that nothing seems to come to mind. You know a million things to write about but not have any clue where to start. I know many “serious” writers shun fan fiction groups and their ilk, but many of them have a great collection of starter sentences. I have never written fan fiction that I recall but I have found many great starters that got me moving on a project. sometimes I even went back and edited the original starter sentence out of the project entirely. I use them like a starter pistol. At the end of the race the pistol type didn’t matter, just that I had a frame of reference to begin. For me it is like walking in the woods, it doesn’t matter which side of the tree you go, you still end up on the other side of it.


Giving Back

One thing that is just as important as diligence in your writing, is supportive people around you. I am one of the lucky ones. My family supports what I do 100%. I pay them back by listening to their problems,¬†when I would otherwise be writing or researching. I also created a mandatory family game night. We are a digital household as most are these days. That is what makes game night so fun and special. We get to talk about anything, laugh at jokes, and play a game together. It is zen, it is recharging, and most importantly it lets the people around you know you don’t take the sacrifices they make lightly. Have a brilliant weekend and as my favorite catch phrase states. No worries.


Ticket to Ride

Playing Ticket to ride with the family

Charles R. Colp