Being with a writer

Being married to a writer is not easy. For supplemental evidence look-up the words divorce and author in google. There is one thing that might help though. Understanding.
1. Not everything is about you, not everything is about your writing spouse/significant other. More times than not the writer is stuck in What if mode, observing a peculiar person or group of people, or even looking at a building sideways to see it in a different way.

2. When an idea strikes, it is like trying to ignore hot coals on your feet. More than once I have had to drop otherwise important grownup things to write something down.

3. You will never be the only other person in the room. Writers are often people who over analyze everything. Situations that would normally be peaceful conversations turn into long pauses between sentences, breaks from eye contact, and the widening of the eye’s related to your writer being somewhere else entirely. “What would this character do in this situation?”

4. You are the reason we are able to express ourselves this way. Writing when you are totally alone is torment. There really is nothing better than hearing about that troublesome customer for the fourth time when the world is consumed with drama, violence, or stress.

5. We fall into our stories. It is your job to help us know when to pull back. My wife put up with me falling into a story for 29 hours straight. I literally only got out of my chair long enough to use the restroom. Falling into our stories isn’t so bad though. The best things I have written were from a long trip into the characters world.

6. We keep weird hours. More than once, I have woke up and grabbed my notebook and began writing as something was clarified when my mind stripped away the school field trips, laundry, dishes, and other household chores.

7. We love you more than you will ever know. It is funny that someone who makes their living from words, suffers from the inability to express them verbally.

8. We have little time for the suck tube. If we had time to find out why one of those fake celebrities is getting divorced again, we wouldn’t have time to write. The TV really is one of the most horrible things in the USA for writers. You can change the channel five times and find the same plot with different characters on very different genre’s of TV show. We are more interested in a new idea from a book, quotes and ideas from our brothers and sisters making the music that fuels the mood of the story, and time spent people watching. I am sad to say to our beloved’s, but you too are people. We notice how upset you get when a known ego-centric jack monkey does exactly what you would expect them too.

9. There is a fine line between the unwritten writer and madness. The feeling that this story must come out isn’t some sort of platitude. It really must come out.

10. We can, and often will, lose a great story due to not being able to write it down. People may look at us funny as we take a notebook and pen on a date, stop in the middle of the mall to scribble down something important we just realized that may flesh out our character more, or write and walk at the same time. (to everyone I have bumped into this way, I am truly sorry)

In the end, if you take nothing away from this. Hot coals. It really is that imperative for us to express our ideas.