Making Time

Demanding Yoga Mat is demanding
                                                       Demanding Yoga Mat is demanding

There is a yoga mat calling my name. There is also a nearly completed manuscript, a publishing deadline, a birthday for an ever growing kid/adult in my house, and mountains of housework calling my name.
I considered changing my name to “Hey” just to make things easier. or “Bass Fishing in the United States” to make things more difficult. In the end I chose to set everything on a schedule of sorts. My schedule may consist of many ishes. like 9-ish, 10-ish, etc. but I get points for a schedule right?
I know meditation and yoga are good for my overall thinking and mood. I also know that if I don’t do things, they don’t get done. So for now the Yoga mat is begging, the birthday boy gets priority, and the rest is still on a deadline I didn’t create.
I am in the process of making time, finding twenty minutes to meditate is not difficult and I am deluding myself to think otherwise. I will become the master of my time management. Migraines or not, things have to be completed. So for now I will include a picture of the yoga mat while it is still yelling, and a second picture of the less demanding but oh so good salt water taffy.

Sweet innocent Taffy
                                                                              Sweet innocent Taffy

Help is everywhere, just ask…

Time for help
                            Time for help

Take it where you can get it.
I have been stuck in a particular series. The biggest problem was the flashback element that was pivotal for the main character and for the storyline. The story dealt with witches and that made the flashback options wide open but I was stuck with what could have been a never-ending bog instead of the murky middle.

I mentioned it casually to my sixteen year old who is also a writer. I did it more out of frustration than asking a question. He not only offered the perfect solution, but did it out of reflex.

I have a lot to teach my son about the craft of writing, but I also have as much to learn from him. I don’t need some ninety year old curmudgeon to guide me, not when I have superteen on my side.
Where did you get help from an unsuspected source?

Doctor in Room 18

Charles Colp
Doctor in Room 18

So I ignored my headache for a few days. I do this regularly until it becomes unbearable then I will take my medicine. I had two really bad migraines near the middle of last week and took my medicine for them but I am hyper-vigilant of taking it too often. I have had migraines since I was young. There was a time when some big name migraine meds were no longer working for me that I could count the days I didn’t have headaches easier than the ones I could. The upside after having a mini-TIA (mini-stroke) was they found something that helped. the downside. It could be addictive and could build up a tolerance in my system the way the big name stuff had before. So I live with them and tolerate the things I do to mitigate them. I wear Gunnar gaming glasses when I am looking at my screen for a long time. I try to eat healthy, I have lost weight, and have both increased and decreased stress. Yesterday I tried to write my next installment of my Bubbles Serial but could not get my hands to type. After four hours of typing, I managed three hundred words that were spelled incorrectly. So I got to spend most of my day in the hospital not getting anything written while they did CAT scans, made sure I had a heart, etc. I worried about missing my deadline even when I was laying in the CAT scan machine. They sent me home to arrange to see some specialists soon and I will.

The biggest thing I took away from this was just how important the writing process is to me. It may cause a bit of stress when I don’t make a deadline, but writing for me is like running is to some of my friends. They could go a day without it, but they would be thinking about it even sitting on a couch. I write not because I chose to do it, I write because I have to. It is the core of who I am, it is in everything I see and smell. I want to describe the world back to itself. If I do it well enough someone will see the beauty in the mundane parts of life.  

The other thing is my family, They have been amazing. I try to find time everyday to play with them do something special with them. Even the oldest who has become too much like me for words. My wife is one of the most amazing people I have ever known. She has put up with me for 17 years, that is a huge plus in her favor. My daughter is at that rocking age where she likes to test her limits frequently. Half-way between a kid and a woman, she is growing up more beautiful and warm-hearted than I could have hoped. My youngest is a hundred mile and hour fastball. If you blink he will have done five cute things and one not so cute thing in the middle for balance. He is the rockstar of the group. Between them, my mother, father, and brother who are still in my life daily, My mother-in-law that always keeps me guessing and surprises me regularly, and my friends who check on me daily. I am one blessed writer.

So often I look like I have had no sleep, and usually it is true. I can say I never feel as alive as when I am breathing life into a two-dimensional character and building a world around them. Headaches be damned bring on the next project. 

Charles Colp

Charles Colp looking dead