Finding time to think

Charles Colp
Finding Time

Every writer has their own method of getting past whatever roadblocks lay ahead. I love to meditate and do yoga. My oldest child who also is a writer, watches videos until an idea hits him. My youngest who has yet to start writing but can tell the most amazing stories, has decided to emulate me. I found it so funny I had to get a picture. he looked so serious about it I am sure he will pop a blood vessel if he tries any harder. I wanted to write this to remind everyone of a lesson I learned from my eight year-old. Don’t be so serious, don’t be so hard on yourself, don’t try so hard and just let it happen. If nothing else comes from this post you get a great picture of my little superman trying to meditate just being cute. Hope you all find time to think and plot and plan. 

No Worries,

Charles Colp


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