Office Space

Setting up your work space can be as important as your plot lines. When I first started writing I took my laptop where ever I could find to be able to write in peace. I was usually uncomfortable and the writing was some of the most challenging. Not because the writing was so well thought out, because I was not in my own place. The first thing I did was get on Ebay and bought a big monitor. I had to compensate for my ultraportable laptop having such a tiny screen. I use a dell business class laptop, this way I can use a docking station like companies do and get the benefits of a desktop and still have it portable when I need it. 

Charles Colp
Large Monitor to reduce eye strain


I have found that using a monitor this size, I can turn the brightness to it’s lowest settings and reduce eye strain dramatically. Next up was my keyboard. I had to have something Mechanical. It had to sound and feel good when I typed on it. The programmable keys were just a plus. 

Charles Colp
Razor Blackwidow 2013 Mechanical keyboard.


I love the back-lighting and the responsive touch of the keys. The macros that let me program repetitive steps are nice as well. 

Next I found a mouse that was also programmable. It is nice to have a laser mouse that lets you assign copy and paste functions to certain buttons. Even better with this mouse is those assignments are only active when I am running specific programs.

Charles Colp
Logitech Laser Mouse

And the last thing I needed for my mini desk was something for focus. I love my jasmine candles and have several. I always wait for a sale on them and stock up when I can. It works for me, everyone is different. One of my friends uses a bonzai tree. This just happens to be my happy item on the desk. 

Charles Colp
Jasmine Candle for mood

Are any of these things necessary? Probably not. But they seem to make the writing process much more about the writing than the process. Everyone will have their own. I was asked by a friend what I used and thought I would share. 

Happy Writing,

Charles Colp



2 thoughts on “Office Space

  1. Mine started as a semi-sexist joke from my wife. She asked if I needed pretty flowers too for my office. I just replied with, “no just a candle will do”. She helped me go through the hundreds of scents at our local Bed, Bath, and Beyond until I settled on the Midnight Jasmine. Now it is so ingrained in my writing process it is on my shopping list every time it gets low and I even have a favorite style. (the single wick large jar because it doesn’t wear down as fast.) Now she is helping me with my Fountain pens and faux-leather journals and picking out her own favorite inks. She is pretty cool like that.
    I had to have the Mechanical keyboard for both, Nostalgia, and for practicality. My first keyboard was an IBM clicky Keyboard, I also have Carpal tunnel from years of some really tough jobs and the mechanical helps slowly build up the muscles supporting it. Plus you know the kid in me loves the click-click-click.

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