Mistakes Were made

Suspension of disbelief can only carry you so far in any genre. I found a problem with one of my stories and it was a complete breakdown of how a normal human being would act in a given situation. I am working on correcting it now, though it took ten complete read-throughs before I figured out what had bothered me about the story. If someone is in pure panic mode, no matter how rational they are normally, Panic mode always wins. My character was doing things he would normally do. The problem with that, was nothing was normal for him. It took the character out of the immediacy of the situation and the hind-brain reactionary response that he should have been wrapped in. I will have this correct before post editing is complete but it is really bugging me now. I so badly want to stop my editing and go back to see if this is a recurring problem for my writing style, or just a one-off issue. 

I will keep editing against my urge to check right now, and yes it will eat at me. I must remain focused though. Deadlines are looming, and my nearly week long migraine truly put me behind. I will not let it be an excuse though. I will just work longer hours and put more dedication into the current project and make it seem as though it was simple. 

That will also go against my nature, I like being transparent in my writing. I like admitting to mistakes and allowing other writers, like my son, know that it is OK to make mistakes. It is not OK to let them go to a published work. My hope is that through it all, I am able to inspire someone to become the next great writer. In the meantime, here is some peace and tranquility from my area. Cows in a pasture, just being cows.

Charles Colp
Mistakes Were Made

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