Computer vs. Hand Writing

I know most writers today are completely comfortable writing by computer. They should be, manuscripts are expected this way, nearly every aspect of the writing process has been taken over by computers and word processing. After all, what pen and paper has a built in spell checker? 

For disclaimer sake, I am forty-two years young and will be forty-three in August. I was lucky enough to have a computer in my life from age eight. I was also unlucky enough to have this. My handwriting is atrocious on its best days. My teachers allowed me to turn in my papers by printed computer files when others hand wrote everything. This wasn’t because I was so loved by my teachers, this was a mentality saving device for my poor teachers. I got marked off for words I had spelled correctly due to the illegibility of it.

I have started to delve into the world of the hand written work. When I first started writing, I didn’t have a computer with me all the time. I would get excited about a sharp pencil and often found myself writing something just due to the finding of a sharp pencil. To this day, I cannot see a sharp pencil and not get the feeling that it is begging to be used creatively.

I am not sure what started my new obsession, maybe a video on youtube, possibly another artist I know had shown some work in this medium. In the end I am now beyond obsessed with something I have never used, fountain pens. I have poured myself into learning all I can about this amazing instrument. A pen, to me, isn’t a device for accomplishing a goal. The pen is the expression for the pure joy of writing. It makes lightweight laptops more like a stone tablet in comparison for size and weight. 

While on my newest obsessive quest to find everything out about such writing devices, I was lucky enough to find a website dedicated not only to the pens, but explanations of what each part of the pen matters and why. After viewing all the 101 videos I am hooked. I have spent a ridiculous amount of time on Goulet Pens website absorbing all of the information they share freely. I am ready to improve my handwriting and keep a pen with me at all times as well as a journal. 

I currently keep notes for inspiration on my phone regularly and hope to replace that part of the writing experience with the best technology 1800 had to offer. I may or may not chronicle my progress as I get deeper down this centuries old writing style. 

If you find yourself wondering about this art form, I highly recommend Brian Goulet’s videos for all of the technical and aesthetic knowledge that will help you get started in this journey. You will find his 101 series of videos here at Fountain Pen 101. He breaks down the differences in the rollerball, gel, and fountain pen all the way to the in depth understanding of Inks. 

Fountain Pen
Parker 51 Wedding Band Fountain Pen.



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