Don’t Be Afraid of Your Characters

When I write rough drafts, I continually ask what this character would really do in this situation. Today when writing, a character I had plans for was killed. It was not part of my overall plan. It was, however, a natural progression. I realized there was something I overlooked earlier and the remaining plot fell into my lap. Is anyone else ever shocked by what their characters do? Do you give them free reign?


One thought on “Don’t Be Afraid of Your Characters

  1. I would love any and all input on this issue. I am told by every book and article that you should have every major detail worked out in your outline before starting. This is the fourth story this year, I have written, that had a twist I didn’t see coming or plan for it in any way. These twists always end up helping the antagonist reach their goal I have selected. This one hit me harder than usual since I had some major plans for this character later. Now the pieces are falling into place in a very unique twist and I feel it is going to make for a much stronger story overall. I want to know if anyone else writes like this. The books say no, I disagree.

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