Choosing Your Words


I recently witnessed why Americans are viewed so harshly at times. It had nothing to do with the intelligence of the person who typed them as much as the improper use of his words. 

He: “Are you excited for tomorrow?” 

Foreign Friend: “Not particularly, What happens tomorrow?”

He: “Oh, I forgot, It is the Fourth of July here in the USA.” 

Foreign Friend: “It will be the Fourth of July here as well.” 

I am sure his Foreign Friend was trolling him. I am also sure that, ten more exchanges later, the American poster was still not aware of what he had said to start the back and forth. 

I now take back the “nothing to do with intelligence” comment. In this case, that is exactly what it was. The holiday is Independence Day, the date is the Fourth of July, and the rest of the world doesn’t revolve around deep knowledge of every American holiday. I am quite willing to bet, my American friend who began this, is completely unaware that his Foreign Friend celebrates Thanksgiving in October. It is a small world, and the internet is helping make it easier to communicate and make friends from every part of the planet. My biggest hope is that my children are learning more about the world than my generation was taught. 


Have a great day 


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