Pacing Versus Rushing

Trying to move a story along is not always the easiest task. If you are a wordy person, you will want to describe every detail as you picture it. Before long, you will have forty pages with only three scenes. Throngs of bored readers, lamenting the death of fiction as we know it. I remind myself of this everyday that I write. Being wordy, is not being a good storyteller.

On the other side, I have had portions where a scene read more to the tune of a speed metal song. this is fine if it is a fight scene or something else that is meant to make your heart and eye’s race. This, however, it really horrible for that sensual love scene.

It is something I still deal with, enough information to put the reader in the scene, not so much they spend three pages reading about the petals of one flower.

What are your writing demons?

Game On Image
Game on!

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