Inspire me

I see this button with each post I publish. I get stuck and wish there was that button in my brain, then I found it. I started writing down random thoughts. Nothing as detailed as a character or plot device. Now when I get stuck I go back to my notebook. it is full of silly things I will never write. Sometimes though, I find a gem. I woke up one night with the thought in my head about a game I had played years ago. A phrase, that was never used in the game, popped into my head and made it into my notebook. “You’re only as insane as they are ignorant.” It has triggered an entire new story line for me and hopefully one that will sell. I love the characters and direction the story has taken, and hope others do as well. What inspires you? What jangles the writer in you, to get back on the keyboard, when you need to be up early? 


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