Writing is Easy


I hear this said more times than I can count. If I write Mary had a little lamb, I have written. For all of us out there struggling to get these ideas, worlds, characters, and impossible situations onto the screen, There is no such thing as easy. The first edit is the easiest. There are parts you hated, there are parts that you really should have fleshed out more. It is in the final edit where you go from being a writer to becoming an author. It is the sharpness of the critique, the strength of your own resolve. Far too many great writers will never become authors for fear of failure, change, public review. So sitting blindly behind the desk you build worlds. Never to take them further. I am on my final edit for a book, and have found the process to be the steepest climb I have ever faced in any profession. In the end, do you believe in yourself? Do you really want to see the top of that particular mountain? Only you know, but a comfort zone is by definition a stasis. Stasis is never the word you want to describe a journey.


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