Taking Time off for the right reasons

Charles Colp
Woods of Tennessee

I am going to take a day off from editing and writing tomorrow night for a very good reason. Probably one of the best as a writer. To read, One of my favorite series of books gets a new release tomorrow at midnight and after waiting a year to read it I know better than to think I can put it down long enough to do anything else. I have the kids taken care of for food and have all my other jobs out of the way so it is off to one of my favorite authors thinkscape for a while. I haven’t been taking enough time to read and my to be read list is growing by leaps and bounds, This author is something special for me though. I found his first book by accident and still have it to this day. That was fourteen years ago. As I settle into the comfortable chair of his world and read the fifteenth book I will be thinking of you. Well maybe after I finish and realize the world spun without me once again. Hope you find something that inspires you today as well.

Charles Colp

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