Why I Write Strong Female Lead Characters

I was not a product of the 1950’s and so I was not raised in a house where there was such thing as the woman taking the back seat. My daughter is a powerful girl soon to be woman in her own right. I hope that these characters and stories reflect the inner fire I see in her everyday fighting a still male dominated world. She impresses me everyday with her ability to jump into male dominated subjects and clubs and take them on full steam ahead. I am proud of her work in the Robotics club, and even more for starting an Anime club when she didn’t find one. Both areas are very controlled by the belief they are male subjects. She is out to prove the world wrong and I can’t wait to be on the sidelines cheering as she proves they are a human subjects anyone can be good at and love. — feelingproud.

Charles Colp
Charles Colp, Kyleigh Colp, and Logan Colp at the Muppet fountain

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