Finding a good webhost

If you find yourself wanting to reach out more with a custom webhost, the options are so numerous you may well give up and just go back with your tail between your legs. The cost varies so much that it feels like a shell game. Charging for things you would think were part of any service. One of the biggest problems I ran into was the impersonal help from the big names. If something happened to your site do to hacking, they would restore it to an old file and hand it back for you to fix. 

That is when I found the company I am using now. A good friend with a big site and thousands of hits per day recommended it. She sent me all of the information and left me to my research. After looking at the prices I couldn’t believe that they would do all of the stuff she had mentioned. installing wordpress for free, handling all wordpress updates, troubleshooting, restores, and a personal attitude. I found the team I needed. The site speeds are up with the big names I was used to dealing with, the SEO work was top notch, and the personal touches were all there. 

I didn’t know just how great I had it until my site got attacked with a wordpress 0 day vulnerability. My site was fixed and up in a matter of minutes. I suffered from a second attack related to the first one. (once you are in their crosshairs they don’t let it go so easy) I noticed it and sent it to my service, they were already fixing it before I knew it had happened. That is service for you!

The one thing I left out of this crack team of ninja hosting story. It is one man, he alone does all of this. He has been doing it for a long time now and knows his job. He also takes the time to get to know you and your needs. I feel better when I am sleeping knowing that I have such an amazing host who does more to help my site than the big names did, I can now focus on just my writing and not web construction. I don’t ask for anything from posting this because I don’t want anyone to think I am making any benefit from advertising his service. It is solely based on the service I get and hope to pass this on to others looking for that freedom. To write, instead of web management, to just write is a wonderful gift.

Charles Colp



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