Writing for Yourself


You will see references in every book on writing about writing for your audience. Something that gets left out of this way too often at great expense is the fact that you are part of the audience. You are not just the writer, you are also a reader. You will always be your worst critic. Every decision to take a story somewhere new has to go through your perception as a reader before it goes into the mechanical nature of putting it in the story. Tonight I wrote a piece that while not seeming super critical to the story, nor is it action packed, that really came from the heart. I didn’t realize how much I missed my home until I started to write about it from my characters eyes. Of course she see’s many of the same things I do. She recognizes the beauty of not just the area, but even the air. I couldn’t create a more amazing place for myself in a hundred books. There is nothing that feels missing or out of place. So as a writer it made me happy but more importantly as a reader and part of my own audience, it made me draw in a deep breath as if I could feel the sea air filling my lungs. Never forget who the first member of your audience is, yourself.

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