Doing the Impossible

If you truly want a challenge, write something that slaps the reader in the face and makes them like it. I didn’t set out to do this but I have somehow done it. My geography says that a religiously based story-line should follow the teachings exactly as they are recounted by the local ministerial accounts. I live in the southern United States, AKA the bible belt. I never meant to step on toes. I just wrote my story lines as they came to me. I should have known better. the majority of my readers hail from this area as well. Many are devout and even more post a daily prayer to their Facebook page. I mention all of this due to the email I get from many of the readers. They celebrate my work, love the depiction of the dark forces, and even more so love the balance of good and evil and my character Juan who literally is the Balance of the universe. He has power to bring an equality to both sides completely neutral. This has left me very confused since I am unaware of the current religious dogma referencing eastern religious teachings of the balance of the universe. Has anyone else accidentally placed themselves in a minefield of writing such as this? How did you get out of it? I am currently learning how to dance through mine hoping I only trip a few in the process. I would love to hear others who have had similar situations they unknowingly created for themselves.

No Worries,

Charles Colp 



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