Rolling with life

Have you had a goal, only to have something beyond your control come along and mess it up? The other day I got hit with a messy wordpress attack that took down my site and lost 2 days worth of work. This wouldn’t be an issue except I have a five day per week update schedule. Instead of getting down on myself like I used to, I am going to make sure I get all five out this week. Sure I have to change my schedule, but it is important to me. I plan to roll with it instead of skipping the day. In the end, I will feel better for still completing it, I will also send the message that I might be able to be taken down, but I won’t stay there. That is not who I am. I hope you all find ways to do what you love and make it work for you as well. Setbacks are inevitable, how you deal with them is not. 


Charles Colp


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