Writing Something You Hate

Have you ever written something and wished you could delete the entire internet to keep anyone from seeing it the next day? Invariably, this will be the same time you have the highest number of people hit your site first thing in the morning to read it. I have done it plenty of times. I still do it somewhat regularly. I am trying to take the good advice from other writers though. I treat these stories like a biology experiment. I break them down into the parts that kind of suck, the parts that I must have been drinking to type in that manner, and the ones that weren’t so bad. What made them bad. Was it word choice? Did the subject drone on and on because you were figuring out where to go with it next? I used to delete these, I used to only post after the fourth or fifth time I had gone over them.

This translated into a much lower volume of material. I found many stories that only needed a tweak to fix. That is when I decided to start pushing out the good, the bad, and the ugly of my desktop. What ever came out that night in my writing went up. No questions asked. I would fix spelling and grammar issues if I spotted them. I found my writing getting better on the first draft. I was writing less junk, I was finding my voice faster.

I am still on that road of learning. I am still a novice. I have however, learned what I sound like on paper and what makes my voice unique. With all the editing all I was proving was that I could catch errors. I spent so little time writing and so much time editing I forgot I loved writing. I won’t be making that mistake again. I also hope to make less of the other ones as well.

la la la la I can't hear you
la la la la I can’t hear you



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