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I thought I would take a minute to talk about something just as important to the writing process as anything else you can think of. Self-care, If you are not well, it is hard to think beyond pain, it is difficult to write beyond suffering. Many have done it. Some have even won prizes for their portrayal of a truly horrid ordeal that may not have been far from what the writer was dealing. Experience is the writers best teacher, It can also become all encompassing. A writer who has suffered the costs can often relate us to the pain and fear that comes with it. This doesn’t mean a writer should seek such dangerous things out just to add them to the experience database in their head. Writers who aren’t emotive are dry and hard to read. Writers who experience everything in life they can, rarely make it to the second book. Pay attention to the feeling that are both expressed and that show in the demeanor of other actions and relations. These are the key moments. As a woman wanting to write about a man suffering ED, that is all you have to make your character real. As a man relating to a woman’s miscarriage in a story, you must be able to pick up the subtle clues. The timing, the speech patterns, and especially word choice. 

If you, the writer, are suffering. Take time for yourself. make notes, write sentences, but don’t write the story yet. You are still living it. Writing in the moment is terrifying and can cause you to deal with things you aren’t prepared for yet. If you are grieving you don’t write about the “stepping into the light” moment. You can’t see it, you don’t know how warm or how bitter cold that light might be for you. Take time for yourself. You are the writer, you are the creator, but you are also a human. In all good things, there contains life at its heart. Don’t deny yourself a chance to live it completely. 


My worry Stone

Charles R Colp


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