Why I do the worst thing you can do

My name is charles colp and it has been zero days since my last rough draft post. 

Most sites, editors, writers, and anyone else with an opinion will tell you to never post a rough draft. You should read it through and edit it, or send it to someone to edit before posting. I don’t do that for many reasons on my original writing site for several reasons.

  1. I am a bit of a perfectionist, this kept me from posting any story for years.
  2. I get myself stuck in the continuous loop of re-editing.
  3. If I post it blindly after writing it is out there for everyone to see me writing naked, no filter.
  4. It also shows that others who think their work isn’t good enough that most of their favorites are airbrushed models instead of the real thing.
  5. It helps me to see mistakes and habits I need to work to correct.

Does this mean I drop commas? Yes, all the time. Does this mean I make really poor word choices sometimes? Absolutely. 

The upside, is that I am putting out content for the first time on a five day per week schedule. I stick to the schedule. It also gives me the flexibility to try crazy ideas. Writing a descriptive story from a blind protagonists POV. 

I will go back and edit them later for inclusion in other works. The last upside is that I am getting stories out instead of just in my head or on a hidden drive on my laptop. 

If you find you never put out content, try creating a new site just for the editing horror stories. You might surprise yourself. 


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